Thursday, September 20, 2007

Morphologies Press Release

Supreme Trading is pleased to announce Morphologies, a show of paintings by Peter Barrett. This is his second solo show in New York, and his first in Brooklyn. His work has been included in two previous group shows at Supreme Trading. The title of the show refers to the study of forms across many disciplines- among them astronomy, linguistics, biology, and architecture- all of which inform Barrett’s work. The pieces on view in this show continue his exploration of shaped paintings on cut and routed MDF that push painting into the third dimension without quite becoming sculpture.

Spanning a wide range of forms, and encompassing opposing visual languages- organic/geometric, natural/synthetic, analog/digital, and scientific/psychedelic- Barrett’s work creates an elegant tension between these extremes, with each piece offering a unique combination of references that reveal new relationships between far-flung visual vocabularies and disciplines.

Included in the show will be Mycelium, a new site-specific wall installation that continues Barrett’s practice of painting walls around multiple relief elements that are composed on site. Mycelium involves elongated, rounded forms of MDF painted in gradations from black to white arranged on a wall painted with different concentric bands of modulated color. The effect partially dissolves the wall, enabling the viewer to enter into a space of uncertain scale and finite depth; Barrett refers to this as “optical space” and its creation is a trademark effect of all his work, regardless of scale.

Morphologies will run from September 28 through October 30. Gallery hours are Monday- Friday from 5-9 PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 1-9 PM.

There will be an opening reception on Friday, September 28, from 7-10 PM.

For more information, please call 718 599 4224 or email

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Opening Friday, September 28 at Supreme Trading in Brooklyn, a solo show of my work from the last year or two. It runs until October 28. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Friday from 5-9 PM and Saturday & Sunday from 1-9 PM. I've been in two group shows there, and it's exciting to have the chance to fill the whole room, including the brand new pieces from this summer. To recieve an email or paper announcement, sign my guest book. For more information, contact me or the gallery.


I will have some photos in the Seed show, curated by David Cohen (of Artworld Digest magazine) at Winkleman Gallery in October. More details to follow, but I'm making pesto from our basil for the opening- a nice intersection of my two creative passions. Stay tuned.