Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Glossolalia" in Miami

Glossolalia, a new 2-channel video with music by Mike Rivard and Scott Harding, will be showing at the Pool Art Fair in Miami Beach during Art Basel weekend. The fair will be at the Cavalier Hotel, 1320 Ocean Drive, from December 8-12 with the opening party on Friday the 8th from 5-11 PM. For directions, call 305 531 3555, or visit

Glossolalia continues my fascination with the evocative potential of humble subjects abstracted by video into something strange and beautiful. Featuring two different forms, each shot from sources of reflected light, and paired with contrasting music, the piece consists of a dialogue between two entities, which alternate appearances in a kind of call-and-response, then establish a syncopated rhythm during which they undergo a transformation. The mysterious nature of the two subjects and the otherworldly quality of the music do not offer any clues as to where or what this encounter might be, or at what micro- or macroscopic scale. Ultimately, the effect is that of witnessing a process that is alien and distant, with unknown content and unsettling emotional resonance.

The music for this piece was performed by bassist/composer Mike Rivard (Club d’Elf) and produced by Scott Harding, who has worked with Matthew Barney (de Lama Lamina) and Stan Douglas (Suspiria) as well as many noted jazz and hip-hop artists. Thanks to Johnna MacArthur for editing, and to Mat Beck at Entity FX, Santa Monica for some digital tweaking of the original footage.


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