Sunday, February 12, 2006

Work in progress

The first new hexagon-based piece is built, based on a drawing I did on an isometric graph pad I found. Here are two shots of the MDF sheet from last week, with the drawing gridded up and ready to be cut out. Tomorrow I start mixing paint to see what might work for colors; the two interlocking pieces have an interesting relationship, and the colors should enhance it.

I was talking to a friend in the studio yesterday, and explaing how even though computers can do so much so quickly, there's a real value to me in doing it all by hand. It keeps the forms from becoming too complex for me to execute with the tools in the basement, and also allows me to understand on a basic level how the forms are generated, which allows the work to evolve. The act of making and figuring out patterns and shapes allows one to see the ways in which they can be changed next time. There's also the real pleasure of working with one's hands as opposed to simply clicking a mouse.


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